School lunch for private schools

I’m looking for a school lunch program for my daughters private elementary and middle school in Berkeley. The school has tried School Foodies, Choice Lunch and School Eatery without success.

They are a small school and cannot meet the 40 meals/day requirement some of these programs have. What delivery service does your school use? The previous postings are old and the companies recommended are no longer in service. Thanks!

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Our small school uses Murachi, a local Japanese restaurant, and it’s good!

Our school uses Nourish You--the kids love it.

Our son, now in HS, had years of delicious and healthy meals from Flo’s Friendly Foods. His first time was in Montessori preschool and then again at the private middle school he attended. 

Both times we were impressed by the variety, value and customizable options (sides, toppings, and size meal) of Flo’s Friendly Meals. I gave them 5 stars!