School for 9 year old with significant working memory/language delays

We have a sweet 9 year old girl who is currently a 4th grade student in our local public school. Despite all of the help she is getting, she was recently assessed at 2 years behind- so testing at a second grade level. She has significant language delays due to years of uncontrolled absence seizures. We are told she has little to no working memory, has major language deficits (in both receptive and expressive language) and has poor executive function. She is a super hard worker and aims to please but she is just stuck where she’s at and is not able to communicate w her peers. Do you know of a school or program that would be able to help her? Scared and feel like we keep losing time. 


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I've heard Raskob  being a great school.  

We didn't attend there but I would look there or similar. 

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Here's a learning resource that may be helpful to you:

This is a scientifically-validated program that uses specially-designed interactive software "games" to gradually improve working memory and audio processing (foundational skills that support language).The program can be done DIY online or with the support of a clinical specialist. Hope this helps, best of luck to you.