Moving to Santa Rosa from Oakland

We are thinking of moving to the Santa Rosa area from Oakland. Any suggestions for preschools and child friendly neighborhoods? Any other thoughts and opinions are appreciated. 


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We did the move from Piedmont Ave, Oakland to Santa Rosa about ten years ago.  I can recommend Brush Creek Montessori for pre-school.  We moved when our son was four years  old. Feel free to email me regarding neighborhoods, other questions. You will get more house for your dollar, but it depends on the neighborhood (very high rents here). Overall, Santa Rosa is great for families and family-friendly activities. You can reach me:   gudenzim at aol dot com

Have you considered Petaluma? Both the East and West side have tons of family-friendly neighborhoods. Nearly all of the schools and preschools are really good - you really can't go wrong (and you can apply to schools in any part of the city). There's a great local mothers' group if you have kids under 5. Message me directly if you want more info! We used to live in Oakland too.

We just moved from Santa Rosa to El Cerrito after living in Santa Rosa for 15 years. Our daughter is 8. It's a wonderful place. 

Agree with Brush Creek Montessori. Also like Brush Creek Nursery, and Hidden Valley Nursery School (they have a few sites - Mark West, another too). Sonoma Country Day School has a TK program. 

Lots of family friendly areas. You'll love it there.