SAHM Preparing for possible Divorce

I am a stay at home mother with two children, and have been married for over a decade. My husband is the bread winner, I have been a homemaker our entire marriage not working professionally outside of the home. Unfortunately divorce looks to be on my horizon, after years of effort and trying it is probably the road I need to choose. Would anyone here be able to recommend a good divorce attorney? I am looking for someone that has depth of experience in a situation like my own. I need to strategize a 2-5 year plan for myself, think of my two children, and how to best prepare myself financially. Thank you for your time 

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I have been a divorced mom for many years. Since it basically takes a minimum of 8 months to complete a divorce, I suggest you get a job outside the home immediately. The financial part of divorce in California is formula-based. Check Yelp and make an appointment with a family law attorney in the county in which you will divorce to find out the facts and leave out the emotion (I know it is emotional for you, but to the state of California, it is just a legal process). Then seriously, please get a job, any job, right away.

In the same boat.  I would recommend going to the library and getting Nolo Press's book on divorce.  The book talks about options like mediation, etc.  I saw an attorney for 2 hours and it was $900.  Having read about the issues already, it kept the meeting shorter than it could have been.  I also recommend therapy if that is do-able.  It will enable you to go forward with confidence which again will save you money, you won't have to spend time with your attorney talking about whether you really want to divorce etc.  Like you, I need to figure out how to get back in the workforce, seems daunting to me, after more than 10 years, but good luck to both of us!  I would love to hear about any divorce support groups if any responders know of any. and if people found them useful or not.