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I am 60 years old and trying to find a product for skin care that is effective and also safe.  Criteria:  moisturizer w/ min SPF 15 and anti-aging ingredients - but the hard part - scores well on the Environmental Working Group's rating for skin care products.  Bonus if it is not crazy expensive!  Thanks for any recommendations!

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I looked on the EWG website and there were 153 products in the facial moisturizer/treatment category, none of which I'd ever heard of, much less used.  My advice: for anti-aging, you need a product that contains retinol (I like "instanatural" serum but also use a prescription retinol cream, which is expensive) and a rich moisturizer. I like Kiehl's products and Fresh products (their Rose Deep moisturizer is my favorite, but probably mostly because I love its fragrance).  For sunscreen, I like La Roche Posay products, which you can find at Target. I think Cotz sunscreen is EWG approved, and it's good too.  You need a separate sunscreen product, BTW, that is at least 30 SPF - 15 SPF won't do much.  And put the sunscreen on your neck and arms every day - not just your face. 

I'm early 50's with very sensitive skin, including a number of chemical sensitivities.  I've been using MyChelle products for several years now and find them to be highly effective and safe.  They are well rated on EWG - that's how I began using them.  They can seem a little pricey; however, MyChelle products are often on sale at Whole Foods and Pharmaca, as well as on the MyChelle website, and a little bit goes a long way.  My skin is in the best condition it's ever been in my life.  I rarely wear make up now other than mascara and lip gloss.

For reference, I use the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser, Magnolia Fresh Eyes, G2 Instant Firming Serum, Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist, and Daily Defense Cream (SPF 17) every morning, increasing to the SPF 30 if I'm going to be outside more than just getting to/from work.  At night, I use a disposable make-up removing cloth if I've bothered to put on mascara, otherwise just splash my face with cool water, add Supreme Polypeptide Cream if needed (occasionally during the winter is about all), and I'm done.

Check out True Botanicals:  They are certified "MadeSafe" which means absolutely no toxins.  They use oils and serums, which I have found to be the most amazing thing for skincare.  I've been using their products for several years and people regularly guess my age to be 10 or more years younger (I'm 55).  They also have sunblock that is great.  Make sure whatever you use is a sun BLOCK with either zinc or titanium oxide, not chemical suncreens.

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Have you heard of Beautycounter? Please check them out. They are partnered with the Environmental Working Group and the Breast Cancer Fund. Every product is scored at a 2 or below, many are zeros. They also do a lot of advocacy in DC to push safer legislation through for ALL personal care products. The product line is extensive and I think you would be interested in checking out the Dew Skin. It has SPF 20 and uses zinc (a safer physical block). It's a tinted moisturizer as well, so it helps even our your complexion, hydrate and has anti-aging ingredients. It is an Allure Best Of Beauty award winner for several years. I love this product and appreciate that it's lightweight and sheer so it doesn't feel like I'm wearing heavy make up on my face. If you have more q's about Beautycounter or want more recommendations feel free to reach out to me at rmprince77 [at] I'm a big fan! Best of luck! 

I have no idea where they are on the EWG list, but I actually like the Trader Joes's sunscreen.  Their SPF15 Suncreen is scentless and can be used all over your body; I don't go outside unless I have it on my face.  No breakouts!