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My 10yr old daughter will begin crying for no reason and tell me she feels sad, but has no idea why. I was diagnosed with depression 16 years ago and have been on low doses of medication ever since.  Could she have depression so young? I'm very concerned that she's feeling so sad and says she doesn't know why.

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Hello- It could be.  I recommend a proper dose of fish oil. Nordic natural sold at whole food makes a great on for kids- i think it is called jr.  All the research says anyone with depression should be on fish oil.  Also, I believe diet plays a crucial role.  Does she get enough protein? Also B vitamins, especially niacin.  Maybe she could have some blood work.  I have suffered with depression all my life and was on medication for 10 years.  Although it did help the side effects were terrible, dried out my mouth which cause a lot of decay! I have found proper nutrition and proper sleep are crucial.  I highly recommend the documentary called Food Matters.  Dr Andrew Saul talk alot about vitamins. You can see a clip from the film on youtube.  He also has a website called  Lastly any sort of cranial subluxation can cause depression.  I have a 10 yr old daughter and when her neck is "out" she is a train wreck.  I take her to dr Jill Hikari- she does not crack at ALL only use NSA which is completely non invasive and safe.  Also, hormores are starting, the fish oil can help regulate hormones.  All the best, Jennifer (school psychologist, MFT intern)

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Yes, she can be depressed at that age - especially as she's probably hitting the very beginning of puberty. You should talk to your doctor.

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Yes, you can have depression at 10 years old -- I did.  It's worth trying to identify specific problems triggering the depression. I don't know anything (pro or con) about anti-depression medication for kids her age, but there are other options to explore first.

I'd recommend spending some time doing things with her -- she may open up during an afternoon of shopping or while on a hike. Especially at age 10, it's often hard to put a finger on whatever it is that's bothering you. She may be reacting to problems with a teacher, a friend, or a bully, or simply needing more mom time. .

If that goes nowhere, try starting with some talk therapy with an adult she will like and trust before. Perhaps the school counselor can work with her, or you can find a highly recommended therapist. Also, look into some after-school activities she may enjoy.

Like you, I take medication regularly now, but I do wonder if I would need to if someone had paid attention and provided a safe place for me to open up.