Roughing It Day Camp vs. Adventure Day Camp


I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both Roughing It Day Camp and Adventure Day Camp in the east bay and can compare the two camps and provide pros/cons. We're considering both for our daughter who will be in 1st grade next fall. Thanks!

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My son is now too old for these camps, but he attended both and liked them.   My son went to Adventure Day Camp for 4 summers, and 1 summer at Roughing It.  I just couldn't justify paying so much more for my child to go to Roughing It again.  Both camps have transportation from the East Bay.  At Roughing It, children are outdoors, all day, at the Lafayette Reservoir.  They take kids to nearby places for swimming, horseback riding, etc.  They do the same at Adventure Day Camp.  Adventure Day Camp rents out elementary schools, so kids do have the option to do inside activities in air conditioned rooms to get a break from the heat.  Nice option, as summers in Lamorinda can be brutal!  I remember that ADC separates children by gender, but don't know if that is still their policy.  Also unique to ADC is that they have a one-night campout in Chabot Regional Park, which was a fantastic experience for my son.  Both are solid, old-fashioned day camps where kids get a ton of outdoor time away from screens.