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There is a small chance I will need a root canal in the near future. I have Delta Dental insurance. Can anyone recommend an experienced endodontist or dentist in the area who takes Delta Dental who does this? I live in Berkeley but am willing to travel to get the best care.

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I had an excellent experience with Dr. Carolyn Chong at Berkeley Endodontics ( I've heard their other doctors are excellent, too. They accept Delta.

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I have seen Dr. Cecchini at Berkeley Endodontics on Telegraph and Oregon twice for assessments on cracked teeth. She is very thorough and thoughtful and provides excellent care. Unfortunately, my teeth were too cracked for a root canal, so I can't speak to how she does with that, though if I ever have to get one, I would go to her. I have Delta Dental and the visits were covered.

Good luck!

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Had my first root canal with Dr Ravendoust in Oakland.  She and the work were first rate.