Roof and solar panels

Our roof is almost 20 years old. The recent rain is reminding us we should replace the roof. We are told it’s good to do roof and solar work at the same time. Do you have experience with a good outfit that can handle both? 

Thank you. 

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We used Bill Wong at Interstate Roofing and Solar about six years ago to replace our roof and install solar. He is great, and I'd highly recommend him. He's probably very busy now. Yes, it's good to do them both at the same time. We waited to install solar until our roof needed replacing. 

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We had a great experience with Albion solar, who worked with Berkeley Roofing company to do the roof and solar as one job.

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We felt the same way and did both with one contractor. I regret this decision.

PROS: A) One contract, so a bit cheaper. B) Not having to notify the solar company to schedule once the roof was done.

CONS: 1) The solar company just ended up sub-contracting with a roofer. We had no say in who they chose. 2) Communication always went through the solar company, not directly with the roofer. Wasn't clear who our roofing project manager or point of contact was. Roofer made some mistakes and the "telephone" game of having to go through the solar installer made it worse and harder to get those mistakes fixed. 3) Contract was 95% geared towards the solar equipment and installation, and so the obligations/requirements on the roofing part of the work was a lot grayer.  

If I could do it again, I'd just contract with two separate entities. The solar company can install when the roofing is done; roofs only take about 2-3 days.

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We used Pacific Coast Roofing for our roof two years ago and they are outstanding.

I'm not sure they do solar paneling, but you can check.  I highly recommend them.  Other past customers give them 5 star ratings for reliability, expertise,  customer service and cost.  Great company to work with. 

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Hello, we had solar installed about 2 years ago and couldn't be happier with the results. I strongly recommend reaching out to our sales rep, Mike Kleeman, at West Coast Solar (mikek [at] In addition to being local and literally writing the book on solar v. PG&E (you can find his book on Amazon), he is a roofer by training, which makes him very knowledgeable about all your options. Several other companies told us we had to get our roof repaired/fix first, at significant cost, but Mike came out (for free), did the inspection himself, and ultimately saved us $10k+. His quote was the most reasonable, the most detailed (with everything in writing, including answers to my 30+ questions), and they had the fastest installation time. After the installation, he himself came by our house several times to make sure everything was running as it should, to make sure we knew how to use their monitoring app, and to answer any questions we had. I really can't recommend him or his company enough. If you do end up reaching out to him please just let him know that he was recommended to you by me. I'm sure he'd also be able to answer any questions you have and he'll give you a very honest assessment as to whether solar makes sense for your situation. You can also reach out to me if you have any questions or want to chat more.