Rockridge Contractor Recommendations

Hello everyone - we are moving from DC and were lucky enough to find a house in Oakland (Rockridge). It needs some work (roof, sewer line, windows, some interior remodeling, electrical) and we are trying to get recommendations. We'd like to find someone who could help us remodel the basement laundry space, and re-work a closet, including knocking one wall down and closing another up as soon as possible, as we'd ideally like to do those two projects before we move in. 


- General contractor recommendations

- Recommendation for someone who could do the laundry/closet spaces

- Great electrician

- Roofing contractor, if you had a great experience with someone

- Any advice on the sewer line work, if you've had to go through that in Oakand

- Any other general advice on this kind of work in Alameda County/Oakland, as we have a lot of experience doing the work on the East Coast, but none on the West Coast.


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We just used Pipe Spy to replace the sewer lateral in our Oakland home. They did a fabulous job, and I would highly recommend them. 


Welcome to the neighborhood. Try Construction Remedy. (510) 637-8973  They work in Berkeley and they are great contractors with electrical experience too. They recently updated my electrical panel box and did a great job! 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Georg Buechi of Sticks and Stones Inc, a design- build firm. I’m currently working with Georg on a large renovation project on my home in Oakland, and can’t imagine a more thorough, organized, and thoughtful contractor. I feel very lucky to be working with Georg and his crew.


Eco Home Remodeling recently completed a project in my home. We hired them for interior painting, installing recessed lighting in our high ceiling, and remodeling one bathroom. Alin and his team were a breeze to work with and everything turned out beautifully. They were fast, efficient, and thorough. Any time I had a question or concern, it was quickly addressed and solved. Every person that stepped foot in our home was kind and courteous. The pricing and quality of work are top-notch. You can reach Alin at 510 697 0679 or by email admin [at]