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My husband and I have a 15 month old daughter and will be moving to Albany over the summer. We would like to enroll our daughter in a daycare/pre-school and  the Rising Sun Montessori on San Pablo is very close to where we will be living. We went and toured the place and the owner seemed very nice. We will likely get a spot when our daughter turns 2 years old. I wanted to ask if anyone had updated reviewed about this pre-school. The reviews I have seen so far have been positive but I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone could share their personal experience with this center. Our older son was in a Bright Horizons at another city from ages 2-5. We realize that Bright Horizons is more expensive but our son had a wonderful experience and I liked the clean, predictable nature of how they run things. We would like to keep our daughter within walking distance from home so that multiple caregivers including grandparents can pick her up  and the Bright Horizons in Berkeley is too far from us to allow this.  We are excited about Rising Sun for our daughter but wanted to hear from more parents before we make the final decision.  Thanks in advance from an anxious new East Bay parent!

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We can't say enough glowing things about Carolina Pineda and her team of educators at Rising Sun Montessori. Our daughter loves going to school in the morning, and it can be difficult to get her to leave when we come to pick her up because she wants to show us everything she's been doing throughout the day. Whenever we come, the kids are happy and peaceful, learning and having fun. The teachers are great at engaging our daughter and encouraging her, while also making sure to take care of the basics -- she comes home clean, well-fed, and happy, talking about her friends and her teachers. It's a fantastic place for you child.

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