Reviews of Future Star Baseball camp


My 4th grade son wants to do a baseball camp this summer, and the one recommended to us  does not have sessions in August. I'm wondering how Future Star Baseball Camp is for a kid who already has a lot of baseball skills and is very motivated to practice. Also wondering how the coaches are and if the camp helps kids with sportsmanship in addition to baseball skills. We are looking for coaches who are fun, kind and non-shaming, while still expecting hard work and practice.

Thanks for any information you can provide

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We are doing Future Stars camp for the first time this summer, but our son has done classes with Ben Mangan in the past and enjoyed them. Friends who've done the camp describe it as similar to but a little more rigorous than East Bay BALL camp, in case that was the other you were considering. Many kids do both camps and find them complementary; in my experience with sports camps generally, the particular mix of kids in a given week will determine a lot. If you decide to do Future Stars you might also send Coach Ben an email asking which would be the better session (skills vs. games) for your son's goals.