Camp Doodles in Berkeley for 5 year old?

We are planning on sending our just turning 5 year old to Camp Doodles this summer for a few weeks. Has anyone sent their younger children here? How were the counselors? Did your child/children seem engaged and like they were having fun? Our daughter is enthusiastic about things, but she also has some social anxiety, so if it's too overwhelming or hard to connect to the counselors or other kids, she might have a hard time getting much out of it.

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Hi. I'm not as familiar with Camp Doodles but I know that Camp Edmo has a Berkeley location. I had sent my twins to one of the camp's locations when they were 5 and they loved it. I loved it too. I always felt like the staff connected well with my children, that the kids were safe and that they were learning a lot.They went for years and are still singing some of the camp songs. You might want to check it out. The website is

My shy, just-turned 5 year old daughter attended Camp Doodles in Berkeley for 5 weeks last summer and loved it. The counselors were great about engaging her from the moment we walked in in the morning. I chose Camp Doodles last summer because of the focus on making things and positive reviews of the same camp in Marin. I was not disappointed, and my daughter will be going back again this year.  

I had not heard of Camp Doodles, so this is interesting, as I have two maker-inclined kids. But last year I thought Galileo would be a hit with them, but both kids disliked it greatly, saying mostly the counselors did shows and they didn't have time to get deep into their projects. Can any parents compare Doodles to Galileo, and perhaps also to Edmo? (which I did already sign up for a week to try this summer) Thanks!