Retaining wall repair

I asked this question two years and didn't get any responses so I thought I'd try again. Can anyone recommend someone to repair a failing retaining wall? I'm looking specifically for repair specialists and do not want to replace the wall at this time. Thank you.

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RE: Retaining wall repair ()

I don't have any contractor recommendations but it's usually much more cost effective to replace a failed retaining wall than to try and repair it. Retaining walls typically fail by tilting over. As time progresses the tilt will get progressively worse. There's no way to repair this. The best you can hope for is to do something to stop it from tilting more but due to liability and costs I can't imagine a Contractor picking this up.

RE: Retaining wall repair ()

Reason you didn’t get a response is because you wanted a repair and not replacement.  If the wall is falling it has failed.  Any repairs will probably make it worse and no contractor/professional wants the liability or be associated with repairs which will fail and the customer blaming them for it failing.  Then there’s an issue with permits and building inspector not passing a repair.  As someone who has dealt worth and built many retaining walls hire someone to do it right, get the leaning wall replaced not repaired.  Personally I would not trust anyone says they can repair a failing wall.  

Not the answer you are looking for, but sometimes we need to face the facts.  Hope this helps.