Resusable menstrual supplies for teen

Looking for advice on reusable menstrual products for my daughter who will likely start her period very soon.  I myself use the Diva cup, but I don't think she'll be comfortable with that for awhile.  I've been looking online and all the different options are a bit overwhelming especially now that there is menstrual underwear.  Any recs on Gladrags vs Lunapads vs Thinx vs Knixwear?  Thanks in advance

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LunaPads has a "beginner kit." I'm sure the other companies do too. You can go online, check them out and see if you think any would fit for your daughter. When my daughter was in 5th grade, she made her own travel kit just in case she started her period when she was at school or not at home. I used that opportunity to begin to talk about my experiences with menstruation, supplies, how to put in a tampon, birth control, sex, etc. We both found that activity helped us connect at a deeper level. While we were talking about it, I asked whether she wanted to use reusable or disposable pads/tampons/Diva, tampons or pads, that sort of thing. She felt more comfortable starting out with disposable pads, so that's how we packed her kit. We also packed things like an extra pair of underwear, thermacare menstrual wraps for cramps, some candy so she could cheer herself up, money in case she needed to buy supplies at a store, etc. Now she switches back and forth comfortably between disposable tampons and pads, depending on her activity. I would encourage you to talk with your daughter about menstruation and what she thinks her preferences might be for supplies, so she has ownership over her experience. Hope this helps.

Well I understand the environmental impacts of disposables, I encourage you to have your daughter try out, prior to starting her period,  numerous different options at home,  to see what she is most comfortable with. I also recommend getting a natural lubricant product  for her to use when trying out tampons, etc. as a choice. She might go for a reusable product, but she might not. As a young woman dealing with her first periods, this may be enough of a challenge. Dealing with trying to change underpants or clean a diva cup and what to do with a soiled one in a girls restroom at middle school might be a bit much at first. 

As the parent of a teen girl, I asked my teen. She uses disposable and recommends disposables, with "wings," absolutely until your daughter is more comfortable with the situation. My daughter was aghast at the thought of using non-disposables at school.