Resources for teen girl with trichotillomania?

A friend's daughter is suffering from trichotillomania, and they haven't been able to find any other pre-teen/teen kids for her to connect with. They live in the Sacramento area, but with social media these days, there must be some kind of support online. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks!

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You'll want to check with It stands for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. They have wonderful resources.

Good luck.

Hi Again,

Yes, is a great group. You asked for advice... learn about this behaviors and issues - it's not an issue of will-power, but of habit and other issues. Look into treatments and ensure the family is on board - no shaming needed - everyone can work together on this. Their are books to read on this, workbooks to use. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been known to work well for many people.

Good luck.

Suggest the TLC foundation at the international OCD Foundation for resources and support groups.

The Facebook group “tricky picky parenting” is very active. It includes experiences with body based repetitive disorders such as trichotillomania and skin picking. There’s also a conference every year for families on this topic, sometimes it’s held in the bay area. People in the Facebook group can share more.