Resources for preschooler with autism - and his parents!

Our almost four year old has ASD. He is high functioning, but still struggles in the social/school setting. He has an IEP and just started a three hour/day program through WCCUSD. I'd love to hear what else is out there in our community for young children on the spectrum. Particularly, we are looking for an afternoon preschool/daycare program for him in the Richmond/El Cerrito/Kensington/Albany/Berkeley area, that either specializes in ASD or is at least devoted to inclusion and accommodation (we can provide an aide if necessary). He has been fairly successful in two mainstream preschools, but does need additional attention/support. Also, are there any other organizations, playgroups, sports programs, where a child with ASD would be welcomed and accommodated? Basically, I just want to know what is out there for him/us. It would also be great to find a support network for parents of children with ASD or other special needs. Thank you hive mind!

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Hi there! We have a 4 year old daughter with high functioning ASD as well. She is going to the preschool/early intervention program at Montalvin Elementary in San Pablo, which has been awesome so far! We also have a 2nd grader with high functioning ASD in the full inclusion program at Wilson Elementary, which has also been so helpful! Our kids take the bus to a neighbor daycare after school, so I really don't have any experience with after school programming. Our 4 year old's teacher has been really helpful educating our daycare and providing resources for them to help work with her and deal with issues as they arise. We love going to Kids Gym (formerly Rock the Spectrum) in Berkeley on days off. It's a sensory kids paradise! :-) We've found with all the early intervention with our older daughter that she really doesn't need accommodation group settings and organizations. We have her in Girl Scouts and do regular city wide camps for school breaks and she does really well overall. Early intervention has been key with getting her there! :-)  Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk more. We are in the midst of it with our 4 year old and have some experience navigating life with our "aspie" 2nd grader as well. :-)


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