Resources for child (and her parents) for Sensory Processing Disorder

We have recently come to the conclusion that our 5-year-old daughter most likely has Sensory Processing Disorder. We just started working with an OT at Full Circle but I'd love any other recommendations for where to go from here. Our daughter is of the sensory seeking variety and it is impacting her life at home, at school and with friends. I'd also love to know if anyone has any particular extracurricular classes/teachers that are good for kids with SPD. We've tried classes before but with her difficulties following verbal directions/staying still we haven't ever stuck with anything. I think she'd particularly like a circus/parkour or martial arts class but at this point I think having a teacher who understands SPD and can work with it is more important than the class itself. And lastly, are there any resources or support groups for parents? None of my friends are going through this and it's been very isolating. We live in Oakland. Thanks in advance!

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I am on a hunt for resources as well for my son. I was reading recently that wrestling and martial arts are good for meeting sensory needs, so when my son is a little older I will be enrolling him in one or the other. I wanted to recommend Stephan Goyne and his kids program at Bay Jiu Jitsu. I have seen him work with children of all ages, (younger children in particular) and like his approach...I believe he also used to be a school teacher before he started training in Jiu Jitsu.

Good luck on your search!