Resources for autistic math genius (age 6)

My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with anxiety and autism spectrum disorder (aspbergers). He is very rigid and inflexible, and extremely nervous in new situations. He also has a superior IQ and is a math genius. He’s 2 months into 1st grade at a public OUSD school (kindergarten was almost all online) and at a 5th-6th grade level in math, and is quite obsessed with it. 

I’m seeking math resources and activities, especially if someone has experience with autistic/anxious kids. Online doesn’t really work for us, so I’m hoping for in person activities, at least when he’s hopefully vaccinated in the next couple of months. I’d prefer Berkeley/Oakland area but can travel a bit. 

thank you

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Check out Firecracker Math. They are a wonderful place for math enrichment. Our child who is advanced in math has enjoyed camps and instructions there. 

I just responded to a similar question from a parent of a preschooler.  I am a mom and a school psychologist.  If your son hasn't already had ABA therapy, you might ask his medical provider about this.  He might also be a good candidate for a social skills group.  

When kids are rigid and inflexible it can be very helpful to prepare them for what is likely to be coming their way.  If there is a field trip, for instance, you might talk with him ahead of time about what to expect.  Is a friend coming over?  What are the social expectations?  Social stories are another way to prepare him.  You can write your own or find them online.  

Almost all kids do best with structure and routine.  This especially applies to kids on the spectrum.  Surprises are not their thing.  

Most teachers are great at accommodating a wide range of behaviors and learning styles.  They are probably not going to be able to teach to his level, however.  Maybe that's okay. Developing his social skills and learning to manage his anxiety may be the most important things for right now. 

Anxiety, unfortunately, is very common these days.  As much as you can, be a calm, reassuring presence for your son.  Trust his ability to manage some stressful situations, and let him know that you trust do so.  Be there for him, but be careful not to reinforce his anxiety by always stepping in to rescue him.


I have a math PhD and I have been investigating math programs for my 6th year old. Here is the Berkeley math circle. They have an elementary program.

Also, a friend recommended these books:

For  middle school you may want to consider the proof school

Berkeley Math Circles!! They're wonderful. While I don't know whether they specifically have experience with autistic or anxious kids, I suspect that your autistic kid would do fine in the company of other kids who adore math, and I suspect he wouldn't be the only one. (Most of us autistic folks do better with folks who share our special interests even if normal social situations are very hard)