Activities and classes for 2 year old with autism


My 2 year old son was recently diagnosed with Autism. It’s been a lot of navigating services on his behalf. I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows of play groups, music classes, nature classes, art classes, ect with a focus on neurodivergent kids in Oakland/Berkeley/San Leonardo/ San Francisco.  

I found a great group for Joaquin Miller Park but it’s already full. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi there! There are many great resources in the bay are for neurodivergent kiddos. My daughter is autistic and we have a great neurodiversity affirming speech therapist we go to. Her email is here: Another resource is an open gym area, this is in San Ramon ( a bit of a drive!), but its a sensory gym for kids with varying abilities.

Good luck! 

Check out Spirited Play Labs!

Have you looked into Wings and swings in Alameda. A bit further but well worth it in San Ramon is Spirit d Play Labs. 

Dear Cynthia:

   Thank you for reaching out on behalf of your 2 year old son.  Have you connected with the Regional Center of East Bay?  If not, Please explore this ASAP.  We have 2 grandchildren, ages 4 and 5-- both diagnosed with Autism-- living in SoCal.  As a former teacher of students with special needs, I knew about the Regional Center -- in Austin, Texas--  I'm extra impressed with the centers in Calif.  Here they offer a rich cornucopia of activities with other children as well as private lessons in sign language for example.  After 6 months my grandchildren's abilities were noticeably greater.  Last year, thru the Regional Center  our kids were referred to a school geared to children with different needs/ways of learning.   All the best dear mom.