Replace or fix doorknobs/fix+ rekey very old front door handle

Hi- we bought an awesome old house. One of the not so charming features is the old door handles… while they look charming, they don’t function well. The front door must be dead bolted at all times bc the latch doesn’t even come out of the door anymore. I’m not sure if a locksmith is what we need, or something else? But hoping someone has dealt with updating locks and possible handles (or fixing them?) and has some advice and recommendations. Thanks!!!

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Hi! I recently had all the 120-year-old door hardware (locks, handles, backplates) in my house expertly refurbished by Johnathan Rosales, (510) 229-7165‬. info [at]

He specializes in old lock refurbishment and repair. He'll also find missing parts and rekey things. All my locks now look and work great!


Locksmith is the way to go.  We had a nice old front door handle with an interconnected system [turning the inside handle drew back the dead bolt at the same time] that stopped working properly, and the deadbolt stuck.  Ken from Rex Key & Security managed to find the parts and rebuild it.  Did a fantastic job.  I highly recommend. 

I used Johnathan Rosales of Old Lock Repair and Restoration to rekey all the old locks in my house. Some needed repair also.

email: into [at]


Johnathan repaired the old locks on the McGreery House, home of the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association.

We have a 100 year old house with old lock which were not using.  Used Reed Brother Security.  They were able to fix our locks and door handles.  I was surprised how inexpensive the repairs were.  I was expecting to pay double or triple what they charged.  I would use them again.