Repair shop for classic Fiat

Dear BPNers,

It's a long, long story full of my reckless foolishness and stressful tears, so I'll spare you the details. But now I've got a 1958 Fiat on my hands and am wondering where in the East Bay (I live up in Crockett) I can have it maintained. My regular mechanic is able to deal with oil changes and minor stuff, but I would like to preemptively find a mechanic who can deal with bigger issues, as I am sure they will present themselves at some point. 

It's been worked on in the past by two shops in San Francisco, but I don't think the car could withstand a drive over the Bay Bridge, so I'm searching for someone on this side of the Bay.

Also, any advice on how to pitch the Fiat to my husband as an attractive "lifestyle choice" for our family would be appreciated. (Gripping his arm and hysterically yelling, "Look at how fun this car is!" didn't work.)

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Try Steve’s AutoCare in Richmond. I’ve had my cars serviced there since moving back to the Bay Area in 2012, including a 2002 Civic. They are super helpful, have several times fixed minor problems without accepting payment, and they will give you their best professional advice, even if it’s to refer you to someone else. Good luck sourcing spare parts!