Rental space for kids-only DJ party and separate room for grownups?


My daughter would like to have a kids-only dance party on the Saturday night following her bat mitzvah.  It won't be a huge number of kids but we want a space that is big enough for a DJ, for them to dance and for them have a food table. She wants a room that already has lights and other decorations or where we could bring them.  We will have out-of-town guests, though not very many, so the ideal place would have a small room nearby where the grown-ups can have tea and dessert without being blasted by the DJ.  We live in Berkeley and can't go too far away.

Thanks so much!

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The Berkeley City Club has multiple rooms. The ballroom with the adjacent patio could be a good option.

Check the El Cerrito Recreation Department facility rentals, either the Community Center on Moeser or Arlington Park. Also check the Kensington Community Center and Live Oak Park.

This may be too far away. We were married in the Old C&H workers clubhouse/Lanai in Crockett. It is pretty large, has a stage, a fire place,  and has a kitchen/food prep room, and smaller is large enough to serve the senior center community dinners in. It may also be too big. It was a great place for out wedding.

JCC is a lovely venue. You can rent the big hall and the courtyard.  Or, the Albany Community Center.

Hi--I office at the First Congregational Church of Oakland.

Their booking info is here:

They have a large fellowship hall, "Reidenbach Hall" that is good for dancing and rooms off the hall so you can have your parent space.

Parking is good as well.

Hope this helps. 


I suggest looking at Berkeley Yacht Club, which is located in Berkeley Marina.

The Berkeley Fellowship of UU has event space for rent.

Central Stage at Richmond Annex would be a good place:

Address: 5221 Central Ave, Richmond, CA 94804

Tel: 510-823-5990