Rentable vacation-like outdoorsy retreat venue for conference?

I would like to host a nature-based conference for 10-20 people in my profession next year and have started searching for locations to rent to host the event.  We must be near nature, have various sleeping options (outside in sleeping bag, shared room, or individual room), and have good healthy food prepared for us on site.  We will need to have access to outdoor spaces for some experiential components.  I'm really open to any location in the US, but California-based centers would be ideal.  I want it to be a destination retreat...meaning: people will come to learn something but they'll also come because it will be a beautiful and relaxing place to stay!  Do you know of any places like this?

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I've been to a conference at Asilomar near Monterey which is operated by the state. It was originally designed by Julia Morgan as a girl scout camp.  It's beautiful, with dorm-type rooms as well as hotel rooms. Trees, deer, beach, sand dunes, footpaths, fireplaces, etc. Not sure about sleeping outside though. Probably not.  There is a cafeteria-style dining hall and the food is not that bad.

Check out EarthRise Retreat Center at Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma. I haven't been there myself but I hear it's a beautiful facility.

I also suggest Asilomar. It's right near a beautiful beach with tidepools

Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove (near Monterey/Carmel) seems like a perfect fit - it's just across the street from an exquisite stretch of beach, lots of hiking trails, they provide food (and it's good), and it's just gorgeous (in a rustic way).  Check it out:

I went to a work retreat at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma in 2008. It was a beautiful setting, had amazing food, and we did have outdoor activities. Not sure about sleeping outside, but I imagine that could be arranged. There is also a pool and lots of spaces for relaxing. Good luck!

Look into Bell Valley, run and owned by a wonderful Berkeley family.

Check out 1440 Multiversity in the Santa Cruz mountains. It fits everything you’re looking for except I don’t think there’s any camping. The food is excellent. 

Check out the Grand Reserve Inn near Lodi.  Its on a beautiful property with views of the vines.  I have been considering it for a work retreat and its prices are very reasonable compared to similar places in Napa or Carmel.

Asilomar, in Pacific Grove, is lovely. Lovely campus, adjacent to sand dunes with a boardwalk, short walk to Asilomar State Beach and tidepools, great birdwatching, lots of deer. No tenting, I don't think, but a variety of room options.

Having worked on both the reservations side and as an environmental educator, I can give a personal and very strong recommendation for Nature Bridge in the Marin Headlands. It is in an amazing setting: the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the buildings are right at Rodeo Beach with miles of hiking trails literally at your doorstep. They offer meeting rooms of various sizes as well as absolutely delicious food (my son recently attended a 3 day environmental education opportunity with his 5th grade class, and every student and adult that I spoke to raved about the food.) They are great about accommodating allergies as well as providing meals that are vegetarian, vegan, and carnivore friendly. For sleeping accommodations they offer dorm style and small, semi-private room options (not sure if you can pitch tents). I cannot say enough great things about NatureBridge and hope that they will work for your group.

Check out commonweal in Bolinas. Just beautiful and peaceful.