Relocating to Hercules - advice on moving and local schools

Hello Parents,

We are looking to move and would love some advice about schools in the areas we are considering. We currently live in North & East in Richmond the job changes with Covid and working from home have made us realize we are ready for a bigger place with more space and yard area. El Cerrito and parts of Richmond have gotten expensive. Therefore, we are considering moving north to Pinole, Hercules (maybe stay in Richmond, El Sobrante, San Pablo) or surrounding areas for more space and a quieter community. 

I have heard great things about Hercules for better schools and diversity. We are a lesbian couple, early 40's with a black son so we care about a welcoming and diverse community and a safe neighborhood where our son can ride his bike around the neighborhood without cars speeding by every 5 minutes. Our son is 3yrs old so we have time to think about schools and obviously want to relocate to an area with decent schools (we live near King, which is ranked a 1). We love Richmond but we need a quieter area and more space so wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on these areas for schooling and living. Other factors would be parks, strong sports programs, access to restaurants and a coffee shop would be amazing. Catahoula is our local and it will be hard to say goodbye.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Yep, I think Hercules is worth a look. A lesbian friend with biracial boys just moved there, but anecdotal evidence aside, it's a very racially diverse town with pretty good public schools as far as I know.