Refinishing wood table

We are looking for recommendations for someone to refinish our 1920s oak wood dining table.   It is not a valuable antique, but we'd like a quality job.  We are in Berkeley.


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I can recommend Acorn Restoration in Oakland near Emeryville. acornrestoration [at] They did a beautiful job repairing and refinishing two pieces for me last year - a 19th century walnut four-poster bed that is only valuable because it was my great-grandmother's, and a 1930's mahogany liquor cabinet that I found at a flea market. The bed had some ugly nail holes and one of the posts had been pulled off by wrestling teenagers. They fixed that perfectly. The liquor cabinet had been painted yellow and had a broken lock. They stripped the paint and fixed the lock. They had me come in after they stripped both pieces to choose the finish. I am very pleased with the results. Their prices are fair, they are friendly, and they pick up and deliver for an added fee (or you can drop off/pick up at their warehouse.) My only caveat: they have a big warehouse filled with hundreds of pieces awaiting restoration, so expect to wait for a long time for the finished product. My bed was ready after a few months, but the liquor cabinet lived at their warehouse for a year and a half. For me it was still worth it. Both pieces now look amazing.