Refinish and re-roof deck

Hi, I live in Oakland and I’ve got an approximately 20 foot by 20 foot (400 sq ft) covered deck in my backyard  that needs a new roof and needs to be re-finished (sanded down and painted). It’s a detached deck with a hip roof.  I’m looking for a recommendation for a contractor that can do this (ideally both but will take recommendations for either/or). Also, if you’ve done something similar before, what was the average cost per sq ft that you paid? Thanks!

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hello, I can recommend Zeus Design/Build, Jesse Rozay, (510) 390-1245.  Jesse has completed many projects with/for me over the past 15 years, including decks both refurbished and new.  he has experience doing his own roofing, although at that size he may prefer to hire a sub.  best---ac