Recs for a Carpenter / Woodworker?

We're interested in adding some built-in bookshelves to our living room. I'm having a hard time finding a carpenter who's interested in taking on a project this small and/or come to Oakland. Anyone have any recommendations? 

Thanks in advance!

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Zeke Pratt has done both large and small jobs for me. Book cases and decks are a specialty of his. He'll be available in a couple of weeks, I think, as he is finishing up something for me now. His # is 510 289 5107. He is from a family of carpenters/contractors. They're all good.

Try our guy, he's a very good, carpenter by trade, excellent workmanship. He takes his time and works slow but the end result is worth it if you have the patience. Andy Sanos (510) 435-6285‬ Let him know that Leanne and Justin highly recommend him and his crew! 

I just had built-in bookshelves made by a wonderful carpenter named Greg whose website is He was very affordable, detail-oriented, and wonderful to work with!