Recommended games/apps for 8 - 12 yo?

My girls are 8 and 12 and I'd be grateful for any advice/input regarding fun and maybe even edcuational games/apps - apart from Cut the Rope/ or Minecraft...

Many thanks!

App-ignorant mum

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My 8 year old enjoys making her own stop motion animation movies with the free Lego stop motion animation app.  For more educational apps- we also just downloaded a math app that is called "Matific" which she seems to like and learning the states app called "stack the states" and of course "khan academy".  If they liked Cut the Rope, have they played Where's My Water (not a new one, but also a puzzle type game)?  

Not an app or a game, but at that age my kids really liked Google Sketchup.  Mostly they downloaded amazing models built by others and then customized them, but you can build your own too.