Recommendations for yard work and irrigation repairs

Hi all, I am looking for someone (or maybe two different people?) that can help me 1) install a little free library post, 2) dig out a plant with lots of roots, and 3) fix my irrigation system. Please send me your recommendations! 

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Hi! I recently had some yardwork done by Al Moore (415-336-9694) and I would highly recommend giving him a call. Al helped us completely redo our front yard including: digging out a ton of weeds, removing a giant juniper bush, removing some medium-sized juniper trees (and stumps), laying commercial-grade landscape fabric, mulch, adding new plants, and installing stepping stones all for a very reasonable price. He also helped repair some of our irrigation system. From start to finish, Al was easy to work with, conscientious, and careful. He spent about a week getting everything done and we appreciated that he didn't rush the project - he definitely has an eye for beauty and is very committed to doing the job right. In addition to all that, he's just a really nice person - there really aren't a lot of people like him who do really superb work for a fair price. I'm sure he could help you with your projects and would recommend giving him a call!