Recommendations for Tree Removal

Anyone have recommendations for a reliable and affordable tree removal service?  We have a huge pine tree that's leaning and we'd love to get an assessment/estimate for tree removal.

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Willy’s Tree Removal just removed a very large Elm tree from our yard. They were fantastic: came by same day with a quote, showed up on time and were very efficient. They also checked our neighbor’s yard to confirm there wasn’t any debris and offered to provide us mulch for our yard. We got quotes from two other agencies and Willy was the most affordable. Highly recommend. 

Trees Company on 19th St. in Oakland did a great job with our overgrown redwood. (it wasn't removed, but he cut a ton of branches to preserve it)

Hello, I just had two smallish trees removed in July. I called the companies and Pineda's Tree Service based in San Pablo came with the best quote by far. Licensed. Great communicator, finished the job in the time quoted,  and left my yard cleaner than when they came. I hope this helps you. 

We worked with Dan Dachauer, an arborist at Terra Landscape (formerly called Tree Sculpture). He was so helpful. He came out, gave me a quote for tree removal, diagnosed another tree, even dug some roots up to show me what was wrong. His price was also better than another company that gave me a quote. The team that came to cut down the trees was professional and cleaned up well. They accidentally severed some sprinkler connections, so they came back the next day, reconnected everything, and reburied all the hoses. Highly recommend. 

Having hired 3 or 4 different tree service companies over the years, I'd recommend Matt Horn Landscaping and Tree Care,  510-658-6088.  I've now used his company three times, and very happy each time.

Also been lucky to get the same crew each time ... all seem to take pride in their work, very accommodating, polite, helpful.

They take care to not let cut pieces crash into other shrubs / trees / ground as they lower them from the tree.

On last project which involved removing a large limb way up high, along with various shrub cutting / pruning / removing, 

his bid was literally half of what more well-known tree companies bid.  Half ... and a perfect job.  Best to you, good luck, Kirk out.

It's been a while, but we used Ponderosa for a large tree removal and were happy with their work and pricing. The most important thing is to be sure that the company you choose is licensed and insured, because removal of large trees can be tricky and sometimes requires permits and coordination with neighbors or utility companies. You want to be sure you're covered if anything goes sideways.

I have hired Matt Bowman owner of Complete Tree Care in Berkeley many times over the past 12-15 years to prune and remove large trees.  These trees are tall cedars, firs, pines, oaks and redwoods. He has always done a fine job and I can recommend him without reservations. His company phone number is: 510-334-4675. If you need to leave a message his secretary, Sabrina, will return your call.

You can find an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)-certified arborist qualified in Tree Risk Assessment here: