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We will soon be first-time home sellers. This summer, we need to sell our home in Lincoln Heights (2300 square feet, 3/2 with gorgeous Bay views, between 580 and 13) and are seeking recommendations for agents who will help us fix it up in the next few months (have people lined up we can use), know that area of Oakland (it's not Rockridge or the Oakland Hills), and generally help us maximize what we can get (as we are moving south to the Peninsula and will need every dollar). Thank you for any suggestions of agents to use (or not to use).

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I strongly recommend Pamela Oettel.  She lives in a non-ritzy part of Oakland herself and we learned a ton from her about various parts of the East Bay (including Oakland), house remodeling, what sells, etc., when we worked with her 2 years ago.  She really knows neighborhoods.  She's 100% honest and so good-tempered, which will be a godsend when you are selling a house.  She's with Coldwell Banker in Berkeley.  And no, I don't get any kind of kickback for giving this recommendation.

HI i strongly recommend sheri madden with Marvin Gardens. She knows Oakland very well and is very skilled at home improvements and maximizing offers. She sold our home and took over all the prep, made it very very easy on us. She also represented us as buyers sonwe know her well and know her skill. Cannot recommend enough. 

Hi. Andrew Pittare helped us purchase our home last year in the Laurel District. He has since helped my brother-in-law purchase a house in Oakland this last month. He is excellent. He has a contruction background, so as buyers he was able to help us understand all the disclosures very clearly. I imagine that  would be very helpful with selling also. He also lives in Oakland and knows your neighborhood well. He works with Anthony Associates. 

All the best with your move.

Karen Lum sold our home.  She was super helpful in getting in painters, carpet, fence repair etc. to maximize the offers.  You can check her website which lists her past listings and testimonials to see if you would want to meet her. You probably know that it can be a good thing to interview a few agents to pick one you prefer.  Coldwell Banker, Montclair.