Recommendations for preschool in San Leandro or nearby?

We'd love your suggestions for group childcare for our son, who will be 2.5y old next august. We are struggling to find full-day preschools in our area to get on any waitlists. We found KidsKonnect, but they advised us to join other waitlists as well given the demand. Broadmoor preschool is very close by but we need care from at least 8a to 5p daily which they do not offer. Our top priorities are an engaging and safe play-based environment that stimulates his development, but in an ideal world the childcare center or preschool would also provide hot lunch and a great outdoor space. If the staff speak Spanish that's a plus too but not required. Blue Skies in Oakland looks amazing but we need something that costs less than $2000/m. Thank you!

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Hi! Our 3-year-old son is attending St. James preschool in San Leandro (on Estudillo) and we love it! The teachers are very loving and engaging, there's an outdoor space that the kids play in several times a day, and their hours are 7am-6pm. They don't currently provide lunch, only morning and afternoon snacks. Feel free to reach out if you have specific questions!

Our daughters both loved Bernice & Joe's Playschool. It's in East Oakland - close to the San Leandro border. HUGE yard. Play-based. Lovely teachers! Feel free to message me if you'd like more details.


Beth Sholom. 

Juls Schoolhouse is a great space in San Leandro! It's in Julie's home, but it's well worth it. The families are lovely and she creates a good preschool readiness space. Check her out-

You could look into Daisy Child Development Center.  I don't have any first hand experience, but we liked it when we toured it many years ago.  It's not too far from San Leandro, in the neighborhood just above 580 near Mills College.