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There aren’t many recent recommendations listed. I was rear ended at high speed over six months ago. I had been hoping to avoid the lawsuit route but I am still in a good deal of pain and the insurance companies are jerking me around over my medical bills and I’m worried they are going to find some loophole to try and stick me with the bills. I have some mildly bulging discs and cervical narrowing but I think most of my pain is just due to good old fashioned whiplash which I’ve heard doesn’t usually bring a large payout and, as a result, doesn’t spark the interest of many lawyers since they work for a percentage. Can anyone recommend a personal injury lawyer who takes smaller cases? Prefer to work with a woman but open. Thanks! 

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I used Kevin Toguchi 510-886-4446. He's in Hayward.

We're using Randolph Gaw in SF for an auto accident. I don't know whether he takes small cases or not but it would be worth giving him a call. We've been very happy with his work and his responsiveness. We like his partner as well. Here's a link to his bio:

I'm sorry to hear of your accident. I was in a similar sounding accident 1 1/2 years ago, though the driver was underage and DUI 3x the legal limit. I had a *double* whiplash and concussion, needed PT, chiro, trigger point injections (highly recommend for pain management), neurology, etc. While not a woman, I worked with a great attorney and am very pleased with the outcome.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this offline. 

I've worked with Alexsis C. Beach & Rachel Lederman, Attorneys, ph: 415-282-9300. They are great, and have offices in SF and Oakland.