Recommendations for oral surgeons

My 17 yo son’s experiencing some gum changes above his (unsprung) wisdom teeth. His orthodontist had recommended getting a consult & directed us to a berkeley oral surgeon. 

I’d like to get a couple of consults (best thing I ever did for orthodontia) — anyone have a great oral surgeon to recommend?  

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Dr. Vu at Bayside Oral and Max. Surgery was amazing with my daughter's 4 impacted wisdom extraction (December 2020). Excellent care among the whole staff.

I highly recommend Dr. Keith Gronbach Oral Surgery Lafayette CA | Oral Surgeon Lafayette (

Not only did he successfully extract 4 of my teenage son's teeth, but my son has a medical condition that made it higher risk and we had a complete and thorough exam and consultation beforehand. Before that, I had called early in the pandemic when every office was still closed and he returned my call personally and promptly to answer my concerns. As you will see, he has excellent reviews and I was referred by friends who also took their kids to him with great success. Good luck!

Hi - for our son's wisdom teeth our regular dentist recommended Dr. Alex McDonald. Dr. McDonald discussed what he saw in great detail with us (impacted growth, even an extra tooth!) and was very accommodating with our schedule. He took out all four wisdom teeth at once, with light general anesthesia, and our son was back in shape very quickly (aka he ate a light dinner that night.) We followed the discharge advice to the letter: take Tylenol even if it doesn't hurt, ice for 20 minutes every so often, and he never got "chipmunk cheeks". We went to one routine follow-up and confirmed there were no issues at all. His staff worked with our insurance and we only paid the out of pocket amount that we owed. All in all a very good experience. We highly recommend him. Dr. McDonald's office is at 3300 Webster St, Suite 300 in Oakland, and his phone is 510-832-4466.