Recommendations for Nutritionist/Dietician - Family w Teens

We are encountering a new phase in our family menu planning where our lay-parent cooking skills aren't quite up to the job. We need some help ramping up quantities of our regular rotation meals to accommodate one ravenously hungry teen boy, one teen girl who is on the cusp of a diagnosis of disordered eating, one vegetarian parent in perimenopause, and one main-chef parent. Essentially we need calorie-richer options that are veg-flex... it's a lot, and it feels like a bigger challenge than we can handle ourselves. Any recommendations for a nutritionist or dietician who can help us re-structure our existing menu planning and better plan grocery inventory? We have Kaiser but can go outside it too. Thx!

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sounds like you may need to prioritize the teen with disordered eating first. here is a nutritionist we have been recommended for our teen who can address the family too!

Try Kitchen on Fire. Chef Olive owns it with Lisa Miller, a nutritionist and dietician. They are a great team and can offer classes and recipes. 

I wanted to chime in that we worked with Casey Crosbie for over a year when our daughter had disordered eating and was on the brink of being hospitalized. Her approach is so sensible and she's a kind, knowledgeable dietician. Working with her will benefit the whole family -- in fact it's called family-based treatment.  Best wishes to you and your family as you move through this difficult phase.