Recommendations for Kaiser psychiatrist for teen

Hi - I am looking for any recommendations for a Kaiser Oakland psychiatrist who would be a better match for my 16 year old daughter. The professional to whom she has been assigned is not a good match - they have been very hands off, and in their extremely infrequent interactions my daughter has not been inclined to share details that could be helpful in her care. My child has been taking the same medication for depression for several years now, and she is not sure that it is effective. Does anyone have a good experience with an Adolescent Psychiatric Services professional within the Kaiser system? Although we are in Oakland, we would be willing to go elsewhere in the area to meet with someone she might have more trust in. Thank you!

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Sabrina Robertson LCSW was a surprising find for a therapist in Oakland Kaiser. My teen says she is the first therapist she has been real with and she has been to several. 

Dr Menon in Walnut Creek is an excellent Adolescent Psychiatrist. Great listener, transparent about her thinking regarding medical options. My daughter really respects her as do we. 

We gave up on Kaiser Psych dept for our kid. They can't see them often enough and every other appt is cancelled. We ended up paying out of pocket. Then when our kid went to college we switched to the UC student health insurance, which is much better for mental health.

My child did very well with Dr. Debra Denherder at Kaiser Richmond. She is thorough and kind, and follows up well. 

We have found Dr. Denherder at Kaiser Richmond to be very responsive. That said the separation between psychiatry and therapy is pretty strict and the psychiatrists are mainly about prescribing medications and not providing therapy. But given that, we've been happy with Dr. Denherder.