Recommendations for infant day care in Oakland or Berkeley?

My husband and I just had our first child, and we are seeking a nanny or nanny share for when we're working part time November and December. However, in January we will both be working full time again and we are concerned that the costs of having a full time nanny will be prohibitive. So we're looking into other options, and have had a VERY hard time finding any day cares/ preschools etc. that accept infants. Our daughter will be 6 months old when we need full time care. Any advice or recommendations are welcome!

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Our son started at Cornerstone in Berkeley when he was about 3 months. We were very happy there, but moved him at 18 months to something closer to home.

We do a home-based daycare - full time for one child is 1400/per month - it works out to about $7/8 hour. We live in Oakland BTW - I would recommend our place but they are currently full and not taking a waitlist. 

Hi Willow,

My name is Rebecca and I'm a first time mom as well. Congrats! We are looking for childcare around the same time and amount (part time and then potentially full time) so I wanted to respond and see if we could talk sometime. Maybe there is nanny share potential in our future. Send me a note via my BPN username if you want to talk.

looking forward to it!