Recommendations for inclusive preschool programs for ASD kids

Hi parents, can I get some recommendations about the inclusive preschool programs for ASD kids in east bay, ideally near Berkeley? Thank you in advance!

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We just toured at Every Child Berkeley and they have a whole section of their website about inclusion and their staff has training based on the Group Early Start Denver model ( We didn't know anything about this prior to finding them and they were very passionate about it when we visited their location - so maybe this might be a good fit. We are not attending their preschool, as they have a waitlist at the moment, but I would definitely check them out. Hope this helps! 

My daughter attended Monteverde and had a wonderful experience there. We did not know my daughter was on the spectrum when she attended preschool. We also know other children with ASD that had positive experiences.

My now nine-year-old son with ASD had wonderful experiences at Hearts Leap North for preschool and Hearts Leap on College for TK.