Recommendations for high efficiency heat pump installation?

We need to replace our heating system and are looking for any recommendations for heating companies that install high efficiency heat pump systems.  If you have had one installed and are happy with the work and price, it would be wonderful to hear your experience (and the cost!). 

Thank you!

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We just got a bunch of quotes and are currently installing a mini-split system with A1. Their proposal was the most cost competitive and they are very active in the decarbonization community. May want to contact the BayRen nonprofit as well for additional recommendations, they have been helpful.

Great that you are considering a heat pump!  I work in the field of building electrification (policy, not the technical aspects) and this transition is so important for our climate!  I am in the middle of having a ducted mini-split heat pump installed in my house.  Our system was sold to us by Larry Waters at A-1 Guaranteed and I found him very knowledgeable.  We also got a quote from Hassler but didn't like their proposal as much because they recommended individual heat pumps in many rooms, rather than a ducted system (which we prefer for aesthetic reasons).  If you already have heating duct work in your house (we don't) Hassler may also have a good idea for your house.  The quotes were comparable.  Unfortunately I can't report on the work because the install hasn't started yet! 

You may know this, but after completing the project be sure to contact PG&E to get on their "all electric" rate (you can still have gas cooking/water heating to qualify).  This will increase your Tier 1 allotment and reduce system operating cost. 

Good luck!