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I'm looking for any recommendations on a general contractor or foundation contractor for a foundation replacement project I need to do on my home in Oakland. I have looked far and wide, including in the recommendation archives on BPN (but they're a few years old at this point). I've contacted many of the individuals recommended, however everyone is either super busy or not in business anymore. Any advice and recommendation(s) is greatly appreciated.

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My recommendation has already been put in the archives by someone else, but in case you didn't happen to contact them....  We used Engineered Soil Repairs (925) 210-2150 to do a partial replacement of our foundation about 12 years ago.  One side of our house had a major "dip" down so that marbles placed on the floor would all run into one corner.  They replaced most of the foundation, brought the house up to level as much as possible (it's not quite level, but no longer noticeable; they said if they went to totally level our chimney might fall off from the stress!)  They also added in extra drainage, which has resulted in no more water seeping into our basement.  They poured a new garage floor, and a new sidewalk for us.  All the work was of very high quality; they came every day right on time and left a clean work area.  They never disappeared to other jobs; the same crew/foreman was there the entire time.  The only break in the work was due to heavy rains that prevented the concrete from being poured.  They were not cheap, but it was one of the easiest and most professional encounters I've had with a contractor.  They also, without charge, came back 10 years later at my request to check whether there had been any change in how level our house was; the change was negligible.  925-210-215

I highly recommend Brian Bouchard of Golden State Seismic and Structural. See their reviews on Yelp. As a local Realtor I always hear great things about Brian for many years, and he has done great work for me and my clients. I give him my highest rating. Feel free to call me for more detail, Holly Rose (510) 847-0656.