Recommendations for evaluation of possible dysgraphia in teen

We are wondering if our child has dysgraphia based on what is happening and what we are reading in Google searches. We would like recommendations for testing and evaluation to find out (other than UCB). Thank you.

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For the gold standard of testing, recommendations, and creating reports and plans for schools is Carina Grandison, PhD.  (510) 704-1820 · 2006 Dwight Way Ste 301. Berkeley, CA 94704. My younger son has several learning challenges related to a serious illness coupled with an underlying neurological condition, and she has been invaluable to us over the years. My older son, who was clearly bright and engaged, struggled with reading and writing in 3rd grade. Carina dxed orthographic dyslexia and presented a list of teaching strategies for his school. He is now attending a competitive HS and doing very well. 

Best of luck.