Recommendations for eucalyptus tree removal?

Hi! I'm looking for updated recommendations for a tree removal service (the most recent reviews I've found are from 2013). I'm specifically looking for professionals who specialize or have lots of experience in safely removing huge eucalyptus trees from a downslope. If you've had something like this done before, I'm also curious about the price range I should expect, if you'd be willing to disclose size of tree and total cost of the job. Thanks so much in advance!

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Expert Tree Service is who you want.  They are the BIG tree guys. They removed 5 enormous eucalyptus trees from our yard in Walnut Creek (2003).  Our trees were so tall they used a crane and logging truck to remove each tree section by section.  I think they are the ones UC Berkeley uses for maintaining their redwoods. I still use them to maintain our current trees..

I have hired and recommended to friends and neighbors Matt Bowman of Complete Tree Care in Berkeley at 510-883-1748.. He has removed very large and tall trees for us over the years including a 100' fir. He is very qualified and his rates are reasonable and he does such a thorough and clean job it is hard to believe a tree existed from the site where it was removed.