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We have just relocated to the Grand Lake/Piedmont area of Oakland, we have Kaiser Permanente insurance and are looking for recommendations for a family care doctor, a mental health counselor and a gynecologist.

If you have personal experience and can make a recommendation for any of those that would be so helpful! 

Thank you!


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Hi! Welcome to the area :) My ob-gyn is wonderful and I really highly recommend her: Angela Shay Lee. 

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I had Renée Perry as an OBGYN for years and enjoyed her. She was always personable and friendly. She helped me through an ectopic pregnancy which was tough for me, so I’m grateful to her for that. 

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I recommend Nancy Palmer for your family medicine doc. She's been my primary for awhile now and I really like her. I did actually know her socially first (mom's group!) and I switched to her because she's so smart and has such great energy. 

I can't recommend a good gyno because mine keep moving or retiring! So weird. It's happened 3-4 times over the past 15 years that I've been here. Weird. I don't even think I currently have one anymore... Oh, well. Maybe your post will turn up some good rec from fellow Mamas. Good luck!