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I'm going through a very hard divorce and I don't want to burden my friends or family with my divorce-related frustrations. I already have a therapist I go to, but I feel like she's ineffective for me because she focusses on coping. I've been in survival mode for a few months now, and I feel guilty trying to meditate when I could be doing more beneficial things like tending to my kid, working out, divorce research digging, or working.
I'm looking for a coach that has experience with women going through divorces, and how to guide them through it to take the anxiety edge off with an action plan. I have a family law lawyer, so I'm not looking for legal advice, but rather guidance from someone with experience. 

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your recommendations! 

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I'm sorry you are going through a hard divorce. What a difficult situation. I'm glad you are lining up adequate support for yourself.

My spouse and I are just beginning the divorce process. We intend to use a Collaborative Divorce ( process. This is not something I am suggesting for you (you're already going down a different path). However, the coaches that are part of the professional team in a collaborative divorce are mental health professionals with experience in divorce. My understanding is that the professionals involved in collaborative divorce practice also have independent professional practices. I wonder if you might find the type of coach you're looking for through the collaborative divorce practice group in your area.

I wish you support and care in moving forward through this difficult time.

I worked with Emily Weaver, MFT., in Oakland, 510-869-4170, as my divorce coach a few years ago and she was fantastic at helping me through the emotional upheaval, figuring out how to support my kids and how co-parent and communicate effectively with my ex, and managing the divorce process. She was kind, smart, compassionate, and really really experienced at working with people in divorce. She gave me guidance and reality-checking as well as lots of support when I really needed it. I highly recommend her. I also know someone who worked with Melanie Belmont, also in Oakland, in a similar capacity and they found her very helpful. You may also want to check out for other therapist/coaches with divorce-centered practices. Good luck and hang in there. It really does get better.

Hi Nassaraf, I worked with Nicole Halpern through my divorce and have a friend that is working with her now through her divorce. Nicole is supportive and empathetic while giving practical guidance on how to get through the day-to-day while making this transition. I've continued to work with her following my divorce and find her guidance really valuable. Here's a link to her website and her Yelp reviews. She's excellent.

I had coaching for 2+ years with Susan Champagne and found her really helpful. She helps with exactly the kind of thing you are looking for. I made a lot of progress on my goals in multiple areas in the time I saw her. She will also tailor it to the kind of help you are specifically looking for, and she will definitely give straightforward advice if that's part of what you want. Wishing you all the best.

Hi, sorry to hear you’re going through such a hard time. In all honesty I’m not sure how much my therapist focuses on divorce, but she is so good (and an MFT) and has helped me so much I wanted to suggest her. I have seen other therapists and psychologists and she by far exceeds their skills. As she has the MFT qualification I would expect her to have relevant training for your situation. Also she focuses on so much more than just coping and solutions. She is working through video appts

Hi Nassaraf - I would love to recommend coach Jasmine Lipscomb whom I've had experience working with in the recent past!  She is an excellent and experienced life coach specializing in relationships and has gone through divorce personally only to end up even happier and more confident on the other side! She is based in Tiburon but very frequently in the East Bay/Albany visiting her daughter and family and open to Zoom, phone, or in person coaching. She is also a newly retired RN so bring a unique perspective from that lens. Please feel free to email her at coachjasminel [at] or let me know if you’d like a personal intro.