Recommendations for Covid-safe experiences for older babies

Seeking suggestions for Covid-safe new experience for older, non-walking babies (I have 10 month twins).  We are very Covid risk-averse - both parents work from home, groceries delivered, no socializing with other people (even outside/social distanced), avoiding crowded places.  We've been doing pretty well in a routine that is focused around our home, our backyard, walks around the neighborhood, picnic blanket at the local park, and hikes.  But earlier this week, we had to go to the hospital for an x-ray for one of the girls, and I was struck by how intently she was taking in everything that was going on around us (the elevator, the people, the Xray machine) -- and it made me think that maybe they are missing out by not being in new/stimulating environments on occasion. But I'm a bit stuck in thinking of what those environments are right now that aren't a Covid risk -- again, we are VERY risk averse (so pumpkin patches or visitng Lake Merritt for example are outside our comfort zone). The are crawling and climbing, but not walking yet, and love to put anything and everything in their mouths.

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I would maybe look for an outdoor play group in a couple months. I agree it's time for you to start casually thinking about this, but i don't think 10 month olds are going to be harmed by hanging out at home with the fam.

We are cautious about Covid but still allow family members to visit, our 3 year old is in preschool, and we take the kids (occasionally but rarely) to Target or other stores.  With that being said, we primarily have our 10 month old at home - not because of Covid - just because it's hard to get kids out of the house!   We aren't worried about it.  With our 3 year-old, she predominately became interested in other activities around 1.5 years or so.

My son was about your babies' age when the pandemic started. He finally puts less things in his mouth now, but he still does, so I get that part. Since your babies aren't walking yet, I think you have an advantage here when going out. I would go to parks with big spaces to spread out on a blanket with your own toys (the Berkeley Marina, Memorial Park in Albany, Dover Park in Berkeley are good examples that have space). That way, they can see other kids from a distance and not be as isolated. It's awkward when another child comes up and wants your toys, but parents around here seem pretty respectful of boundaries right now. It's great that they have each other, but being exposed to children and adults other than what they are used to, even from a distance, is important for their development. It's a process we all have to figure out and get comfortable with.