Recommendations for coupons to Lego Land?

We're searching for coupons to Lego Land, if anyone has recommendations for where to look it'd be super helpful! Thanks!! 

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Costco has them right now at a good price. Can't usually go wrong with Costco ;)

hi, if you sign up for a free Lego magazine subscription, there are frequently coupons enclosed (not sure how it works now, but a few years ago when my kids got Lego magazine, it was a coupon for one free adult admission along with paid child). 

you can sign up here:

Depending on how many people are going, check out their birthday party packages ( -- we've done this twice now and it saves you a ton of money (free parking, discounted tickets, free birthday cake!).  Both times we celebrated my niece's birthday, but you're not required to show 'proof of birth' or anything like that, just fyi.  To qualify, I believe you need to be buying a minimum of 6 tix (either adult/child).  There is also a Legoland offer at (promo code 179902) where you get a free child ticket with a full-price adult ticket (promo expires 11/30/17) -- these were from a McDonald's promo.

If you subscribe to the free Lego Life magazine (used to be called Lego Club), they put coupons in a few times a year.  You can sign up here: Also, if your school has a PTA, they may have discount coupons to give out.  The concierge at our hotel in Carlsbad also had coupons.

There is an offer for a free kid ticket with the purchase of a full-price adult ticket. I found it here: Have fun!

There are TONS of discounts, definitely don't pay full price! Which is the best deal depends on what you can access based on group memberships, how many days you're going, and what else you are doing in the area. Here are some of the deals out there:

-subscribe to the Lego Club magazine (it's free). They often have free kids ticket coupons in there. Make sure you get the regular magazine, not the junior as they don't have the coupons. I think regular starts at 7 years old, so put your child's birthday in accordingly
-if you or a friend who wants to accompany you is a teacher in California, they have some days where teachers get in free and friends and family have really cheap tickets
-some workplaces, if you work for a big corporation, have discount tickets. I've seen it at a hospital and a clothing manufacturer that friends have worked at
-hotels near Legoland
-San Diego Go Card

Usually every contra costa county library gets stacks and stacks of those! Maybe Kensington?