Recommendations for Birthing Hospitals near Oakland/Berkeley

Hi parents,

This is my first question on the group. Do you have any recommendations for good non Kaiser hospitals and Obstetricians near Oakland/Berkeley area? I'm pregnant with my second and while I went all the way to UCSF for my first I would like to be closer home for the second one. 

Some names that come up are Alta Bates in Berkeley and Highland Hospital. Did any of you all had your babies there? Did you love it or hate it? 

Thanks so so much in advance! 

Parent Replies

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I delivered in Alta Bates in early June and was very happy both with my OB care throughout pregnancy (I primarily saw Dr. Madhavan, but also had appointments with Drs. Taub and Kadri). I also had a very positive birthing experience there. All of the care providers were exceptional, from the doctors to the nurses. The facilities are dated and the food sucks, but I would highly recommend delivering at Alta Bates and hope to deliver any future children there.

Just had a baby two weeks ago at Alta Bates and thought it was great! All our nurses in both labor & delivery and in postpartum were super supportive, kind, and knowledgeable and everything seemed very well-organized. We didn’t like the experience at triage but otherwise everything was good—there was a nice courtyard garden you are allowed to walk to during L&D if you are mobile, they provide helpful things like an exercise ball and rocking chair if you want to try different positions, and I found the rooms to be more spacious than I was expecting. I’ve never given birth anywhere else so can’t compare, but I felt lucky to be at Alta Bates.

Thanks so much for your replies! I have decided to deliver at Alta Bates Berkeley as well and will start by seeing Dr. Taub! As long as the environment feels safe and supportive everything else can be worked around!