Recommendation for someone who can cut a space for a dishwasher?

My wife and I are buying a house that doesn't have a dishwasher.  In the kitchen there are a series of cabinets beneath the counter so we're looking for someone that can cut out a space for a dishwasher.  The appliance company we called wasn't quite sure if their person could do it so looking for the recommendation of someone who could handle a project like this.  I'd prefer to not rip out the whole counter but we don't mind cutting up the cabinets.

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We bought ours from galven appliances in albany/el Cerrito. They set us up with Dave who converted our cabinet and installed it. His charge was incredibly reasonable for how long it took. I don’t know if he works for the shop exclusively but his number is +1 (925) 339-3311 and he was great to work with.  

Hi, I  wish that I had a good recommendation for you. All I can share us that you need a good contractor to do this. In addition to removing cabinets, you'll need a hole on the countertop for the release valve, a power outlet, and water lines. We had people refuse to install a new dishwasher because we didn't have a hole in the countertop for the release valve. We ended up getting a whole new countertop but maybe you won't need to do that.

I’ve installed dishwashers at two different houses. The most important thing is to determine the height of the dw that will fit in your space. In both my houses the counters were low so we had a much smaller pool of dishwashers to choose from. So we kept the original counter on top and removed the cupboards below. I don’t have a contractor to recommend, just saying your project is doable. I like the Lowe’s appliance selector where you can input the max height and width to narrow down your options. Good Luck!