Recommendation for someone to help cook + clean

Hi everyone, we are first time parents who also work very demanding jobs. We have been finding it hard to have time to cook (been eating peanut butter sandwiches for a while now :p) or clean the house.  We are thinking we might want someone to come 3-4 hours for 3-5 days out of the week to help with meal planning, cooking, washing baby bottles and cleaning, etc.

Does any one have any suggestions on what kind of arrangements work best and how much we should expect to pay? And if anyone has specific people they would recommend, that would be great too!

Thanks so much,


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It is a difficult time in life as we get use to being parents. My family has enjoyed using a pre-cooked meal delivery service (Methodology) which allows me to get home at 5:30 and eat a healthy meal with my 9-mo old by 5:45 or so (heat and serve). This may be a good immediate option for you as well. Good luck!